As a social worker, resources are gold! Listed below are some of my favorite areas to offer resources and suggestions. May they help to cultivate and enhance everyday well-being.

SALT consults will provide resource suggestions. These will be helpful if you have a desire to live or care from a more grounded, self-aware, and regulated place. They can also serve as life preservers for the times when we inevitability find ourselves treading rough waters.

Remember, the deeper we dive into ourselves and our experiences, the more self-aware we become. It is from here that we can better connect with our true self, and others, which can ultimately lead us to a more fulfilling, well-lived life. Please visit the offerings page to learn more. #divedeeplivewell

Potential FIN Consult Resource Topics :

  • Understanding & Communicating Feelings & Needs
  • Vulnerability & Connection
  • Reparenting
  • Couples Work
  • Podcast Suggestions
  • Professional Growth 
  • Personality Tests
  • Mindful Movement

Potential Old SALT Care Consult Resource Topics :

  • Understanding & Communicating Feelings & Needs
  • Emotional Caregiver Support
  • Life Balance
  • Advance Directives
  • Activities for Care Recipients
  • Empathy & Compassion
  • Grief & Bereavement