here are some of my favorite resources … may they help with cultivating and enhancing everyday well-BEing as much for you, as they do for me! they are helpful if you have a desire to live from a more grounded, self-aware and regulated place. they can also serve as life preservers when we inevitability find ourselves treading rough waters. simply click on the treasures below to learn more. remember, the deeper we dive into ourselves and our experiences, the more self-aware we become. it is from here that we can better connect with our true self, and others, which can ultimately lead us to a more fulfilling, well-lived life!

understanding & communicating feelings and needs

the center for nonviolent communication (nvc)

the new york center for nonviolent communication

the compassion book : lessons from the compassion course | thom bond

mindful compassionate dialogue (mcd) | wise heart

tony robbins | 6 human needs

vulnerability & connection

brené brown


inner child

couples work

how to love me : the lover’s book of questions | ali davis

mindful mariage & family therapy

esther perel


the angry therapist


professional growth

the 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace : empowering organizations by encouraging people | gary chapman & paul white

parts work

inner active cards | internal family systems (ifs)

soul collage

undestanding personality


mindful movement

the class by taryn toomey

club pilates

breathwork detox | kurtis lee thomas