the end

if trauma and pain can echo through generations, then so can love. if abandonment can ripple across time, then so can presence. – noah, the affair, s 5, e 11

one of my favorite places to go with my family on our boat during the summer, especially as a teen, was montauk, ny. most all labor day weekends were spent at the montauk yacht club, which is now gurney’s star island resort & marina. when i was first introduced to showtime’s the affair earlier this year, which is mainly rooted around montauk, memories flooded in! today i finally finished the series, and i am reminded of the beauty of nostalgia – of places and of people. in the end, (get it? montauk is often referred to as “the end” due to it’s geographical location being the easternmost point of long island and new york state), the 5 season, 53 episode series is a full-circle story of fleeting and finding love, family, and forgiveness. check it out! #bingeworthy


it’s 12:12 on 12/12 – happy final full moon of the decade, folks! there’s no such thing as coincidence!

on wednesday evening i was listening to this clip by @mantalks on my drive to therapy on shadow work, and i thought it was so good! so good, in fact, that i shared it with a few friends and now i’m happy to share it with you – enjoy!

then i looked at my driver side mirror, and saw the moon. i literally said aloud, “wow. that is beautiful!” it was! it was the biggest, clearest view of the moon i have ever seen.

on my drive home, the song “moonshadow” by cat stevens played! now what are the chances?!

here’s a little overview to help understand this final full moon …

image via instagram | @wishinguwell_1111

i love this! “so be willing to accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” amen! “1212”

a window into their world

since 2013 i’ve been involved with and inspired by the virtual dementia tour® (VDT), offered by second wind dreams® (SWD). yesterday’s VDT at PACE / westerly adult day center in westerly, ri made the westerly sun this morning! if you or someone you know has been touched by someone living with dementia, personally or professionally, please consider finding an event near you to experience this immediate and powerful perception-changing, empathy-building opportunity. as a certified trainer of the VDT and having worked in the healthcare field for many years, i still have yet to find a more eye-opening, educational and memorable experience.

the compassion book

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*not sponsored – i’m just a big fan!