the needs behind judgements

when was the last time you judged someone for doing something you didn’t like? maybe they said something you didn’t agree with or did something that possibly even upset you. it’s our ability to continue seeing the life behind the words and actions that can bring us closer to someone who we don’t necessarily agree with, but who we understand. when we understand what needs were trying to be met it’s impossible to hate. this is the transformation we can have in our lives by translating judgement thoughts. – thom bond, the compassion course

inner active

today’s drawing of inner active cards was quite timely and powerful. it’s so fascinating to see what parts work cards are pulled based on the energy put into the deck. it’s another way to ponder or answer the profound question, “what’s alive in me?”

image | courtney | inner active card drawing 04.01.20 |  illustrations by sharon eckstein

the card on the left perfectly depicts the state of the world right now amidst the pandemic ; the center card reminds me of a person from my past ; and the card on the right is pretty relevant. cheers to prevailing love!

i highly recommend checking these cards out, as well as the accompanying book, which i have been reading more recently. i find both resources to be very practical and relatable. it’s no wonder that the cards were a SALT studio favorite!

make space

make space for the next version of you. she’s coming. – spirit daughter

the class has become my version of “church” – it’s spiritual. it’s emotional. it’s definitely physical. it’s overall healing and strengthening. if you’re at all intrigued, i highly recommend you check it out. click here to learn more and receive your free two week trial today! there’s no better time than now.

image | courtney | the class digital studio @ the cabin

waves through walls

image | studio newport

what a lovely surprise this morning to be greeted by studio newport who is turning social distancing due to the coronavirus into neighborly connection … a beautiful offering to the community and a creative way to document kindness during such an unforeseen  time. click here to see more of this project taking place around aquidneck island!

#thefrontstepsproject #wavesthroughwalls

online breathwork detox event

hi friends, i invite you to check out a special online event offered by the one and only, kurtis lee thomas! i have been fortunate enough to meet kurtis and experience this a few times in-person, and i can say it is one of the most eye-opening experiences i’ve ever had. now here’s your chance to open yourself up to something new and transformative during this time of awakening.


click here to get your ticket – limited quantity available!

embracing the pause

how’s everyone fairing out there? it is a weird and trying time. we are seeing many wonderful acts of kindness shining through, and at the same time, we are seeing a lot of fear-based living being brought to the surface by this coronavirus pandemic. i have been trying to stay centered and am giving myself permission to engage in things i find meaningful and important. 

though we are all in this same boat of uncertainty, we are all weathering the situation differently. here are the top 10 ways i’ve been embracing the forced pause during this unexpected time. may we all be gentle with ourselves and each other.

image | courtney | cliff walk, newport, ri


rather, ten times, die in the surf, heralding the way to a new world, than stand idly on the shore. – florence nightingale

working / appreciating from home  (and trying to keep my sense of humor alive) – i have coined #frontlinefriday #frontlinefridaychallenge, after “dateline friday” which i love, at my office to show appreciation to our staff who are tirelessly working the hospice frontline


they motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal. – tom hayden

playing and cuddling with my dog


some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. – laura ingalls wilder

exercising – the class  and walking the cliff walk


people who love to eat are always the best people. – julia child



connection is why we’re here ; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. – brené brown

connecting with those important to me


invest in rest. – unknown



the trouble is, you think you have time. – buddha

spending time with my parents


clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living. – peter walsh

cleaning / purging / organizing closets and drawers


i think i’ve caught feelings for money. – unknown

working on my finances  – tax prep ; fully setting-up the personal capital app ; updating my financial spreadsheet


when you support small business, you’re supporting a dream. – unknown

shopping / eating local


pure + simple

i am not interested in the show you’re putting on for the world. i crave vibrant + honest conversations tucked away in the quiet corners of coffee shops. i want to know what sets your soul on fire, the moments that shaped you into who you are today + what it is that makes your eyes light up when you talk ; community that is stripped down to the bone – no expectations, no judgements, just the complexities of your heart, pure + simple. – l.d.

inner child wounds

image | courtney | plainfield, ct

one of the most profound ways support our well-being is to examine our inner child wounding and work towards reparenting ourselves around them. to some degree we have ALL been wounded as a child, regardless of intent or duration. these wounds remain within us consciously and mostly unconsciously, and show up in our adult lives in ways that often lead to further wounding.

gaining insights and learning ways to support ourselves around these wounds can yield clarity, relief, and greater self-awareness. tending to our inner child as adults is a skill known as “reparenting.” reparenting is an impactful way to improve relating to self and others, which can ultimately help to meet our need for quality connections and improve well-being.

reparenting involves giving ourselves what we did not receive as a child. much easier said than done, but not impossible and totally worthwhile. this has implications that can truly transform lives – nonviolent communication coupled with reparenting and non-shaming self-talk has done just that for me.

looking at our triggers and behaviors can be helpful to us as we hone in on inner child wounding and reparenting. check out the lists below to consider your experience. which of the following inner child wounds below speaks most to you? perhaps you won’t experience all of the items under the lists, but in general, which list(s) do you most identify with? are there a few areas that speak to you?

inner child wounds

abandonment wound:

  • feels “left out”
  • fears being left
  • hates being alone
  • co-dependent
  • threatens to leave
  • normally attracts emotionally unavailable people

guilt wound

  • feels “sorry” or “bad”
  • doesn’t like to ask for things
  • uses guilt to manipulate
  • is afraid to set boundaries
  • normally attracts people who make them feel guilty

trust wound

  • is afraid to be hurt
  • doesn’t trust themselves
  • finds ways to not trust people
  • feels insecure and needs a lot of external validation
  • doesn’t feel safe
  • normally attracts people who don’t feel safe

neglect wound

  • struggles to let things go
  • has low self-worth
  • gets angry easily
  • struggles to say “no”
  • represses emotions
  • fears being vulnerable
  • normally attracts people who don’t appreciate them or make them feel “seen”

source :

are you able to recall experiences in your childhood that caused the wounding you’ve identified with? can you think of examples of how these wounds relate to you as a child, and also now as an adult? without judgement or shame, think honestly about how these wounds show up in your adult life. what “behaviors” do you tend to display when your wounds are triggered? what steps can you take to reparent yourself when you are triggered to help with emotional recognition, validation, and regulation?

what does that little one in you need to feel or hear? can you give it to yourself? how does it feel? try it, over and over in the days to come … do you notice a shift in how you feel? are you able to meet your own needs? i believe in you, and i believe with a continued conscious practice you can.

morning motivation & movement

in february of 2016 i was introduced to the class by taryn toomey, and i’ve been hooked and girl crushing since!

i was headed to the dominican and on the flight happened to be a group of stylish, spirited girls. i learned they were going on a retreat. i simply observed them and became intrigued, wondering who they were and what exactly they were doing on their retreat. upon my return home i did a little digging and learned a bit more about this celeb-endorsed “the class.”

in 2018 elyse and i took a trip to nyc to attend a thom bond workshop at NYCNVC, and the next morning we visited the tribeca studio and experienced the class led by taryn herself – it was amazing!

a few months ago my soul sister, makayla, attended a class as part of the philly tour and learned that the class was soon going to be offered digitally! for my birthday i paid the $40/monthly fee (or $400/year) to give it a try, where i now have access to  live-streamed classes daily right from the comforts of my home. how cool!


i started my 37th year at 7:15 am participating  in the hour-long practice of what i like to call “emotional exercise.” it’s similar to SALT, in that it is somewhat hard to describe, and better experienced. i highly recommend it!

i can guarantee that – you will move. you will dance. you will love the music. you will be inspired. you will want to stop. you will be sore after. AND, you may cry. you may yell. you may improvise. you may have interesting thoughts. you may laugh. and with each class, you may heal a little bit more … i have not experienced anything like it.

here are some pics from my 1st digital class. they are a little bit blurry because they are screenshots (and clearly filtered, lol) from a homemade video, but they give you an idea of what you may be doing during it! #divedeeplivewell

image | courtney 

every next level of your life will demand a different version of you. – unknown






i can’t wait to do it again this morning! and remember, i am SO not a morning person, so this is really something! hand on heart … thank you, taryn. thank you, body. thank you.