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 what a wonderful world | louis armstrong

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i woke up 18 years ago today in my freshman dorm room at salve regina university to the phone ringing. it was a new friend from new york calling to tell me what had just happened. i still had to attend my philosophy class shortly thereafter, and it is probably one of the few classes that i actually remember. the professor did something so touching – he sang to us all, “what a wonderful world,” by louis armstrong. it was the kindest, most beautiful form of care and a message of hope on such a tragic day. it serves as a reminder that beauty is out there if we look for it, and that pain and heartbreak can be held – it’s so much of what SALT is all about.

playlist for your SALTy soul

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image | the killers wonderful wonderful studio album

knot comes loose | my morning jacket

 holocene | bon iver

why | annie lennox

rush | lewis capaldi ft. jessie reyez

some kind of love | the killers

 dreams (piano version) | lissie

electric feel | henry green

let’s stop the glorification of busy

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today is national workaholics day – a great day to stop the glorification of busy and give ourselves permission disconnect so that we may better connect with ourselves and others … remember, we are human BE-ings, not human DO-ings! we can’t do it all, nor be all to everyone … dis-ease can turn to disease, and work stress can be a factor in this … how are you taking care of your own well-BEing? how are you feeling? what is most important to you? are you prioritizing what is most important? what do you value? are you living in alignment with your values? what are you needing? #letstalk #wellbeing #SALT #workhardplayharder