My Mer-Mazing Tribe

You’ve heard me mention Dr. Ira Byock before, who encourages that we say the 4 things that matter most in order to feel completeness in relationships. In this video he mentions recognizing and appreciating those who have played a role in our lives. NVC also encourages us to express appreciation, therefore this is another reason for naming these people, my mer-tribe. I also think it’s important to promote fellow business owners that I enjoy. Our shared time at appointments, and even happy hours for some, bring an added comfort and joy to my unmapped life, and for this I am grateful! #thankyouloveyou

Below are those who I consider to be my mer-mazing tribe – the hired individuals who help me with my inner and outer well-being on a regular basis (as well as how long I’ve been going to them at the time this is shared). They are each fabulous and highly talented in their own way, and I look forward to continuing to grow and glow, with them and because of them! I feel blessed to have such a circle of strong individuals around me!

salon time | newington, ct 

every 6 weeks ; 15 years

keeping my roots in check and the blonde in me alive since 2005! tami is the seriously the sweetest soul you ever could meet …

penelope advanced aestheticsmystic, ct

monthly ; 2.5 years 

where your skin meets seaside spa … ahhh … this is not your average skin care experience and penelope is not your average esthetician! she embodies the saying, “the bold and the beautiful” (inside and out)! penelope is someone who i admire as both a strong, soulful female and a #bossbabe. she’s a favorite leading lady turned friend. to know her is to love her, and that i do!

connecticut medical aesthetics | old lyme, ct

every 3 – 4 months ; 1.5 years

magic happens here! you’ll be greeted with tyah’s warmth and the most amazing aroma an office space ever did have! vanassa understands the results i am looking for and produces them with precision and passion every time! my friend, courtney (#twocourtneysarebetterthanone), switched to her and was so pleased as well – so much so that she continues to come here even after moving to alabama (if that’s not a testimony i don’t know what is)! vanassa is a true queen – fixing the crowns on others with heart and humor!

radiant gloweast greenwich, ri

biweekly (ideally) ; 6 months

because who doesn’t want to live a sun-kissed life?! michele is such a likable, fun, relatable gal who makes storytelling while naked completely normal! her space is super cozy and her spray tanning skills speak for themself – check out her work here! try it … you’ll like it, and i bet you’ll be back!

lindsay korth, lcsw | hamden, ct

weekly ; 5 years

i drive 3 hours roundtrip every week to see lindsay for my therapy appointment. i first started going to her back in early 2015 when i lived in new haven, and when i moved i decided to continue working with her. i am grateful to be able to grow my practice of nonviolent communication under her guidance, as she has studied and practiced it for years. she helps me to better understand my life experiences. she challenges me to dive deeper beyond the surface stuff. she’s honest with me. she encourages me to be honest with myself. she inspires me. she is someone i want to be like in this crazy world … i am most honored to name her here.

avena integrative medical center | putnam, ct

prn ; 3 years 

dr. angela mccann, nd, lac, is my naturopathic physician and acupuncturist. although my current insurance plan doesn’t cover my visits here, i still privately pay as needed because i think it’s totally worth it! since my last insurance plan did happen to cover my visits, i was fortunate enough to go for weekly acupuncture sessions for about a year to help with stress and migraine management. i left each visit saying i felt like i had “angel wings” because my neck, shoulder, and back tension would be totally gone! i learn so much about myself and my body when meeting with her, particularly when reviewing blood test results. from the different tests i am able to learn about some of my body’s strengths and deficiencies, which helps to explain why i physically feel at times – talk about self-awareness! dr. mccann is a smart, realistic, and compassionate woman who inspires me to have more healthy habits. i can’t recommend her, or avena, enough!

*a special shoutout to donna mac, a professional communication coach, who i have known for about 10 years. we are not currently professionally collaborating, however i have hired her in the past for help with personal development. i am honored to have been included in a book she wrote (under an alias name), and consider her to be a fellow fierce woman and friend who i must mention!

*missing from the list is lisa, an esthetician and make-up artist, who used to do my novalash eyelash extensions – and i just adore her! i don’t get my lashes done anymore and she has limited availability, so i didn’t list her here, but she’s still surely part of my tribe! 😘

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