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SALT Sessions 

  • BetterHelp
    • 45-Minute Sessions
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  • Private Coaching 
    • Initial Assessment : $249 
    • Fee for Service : $129 – $79 | session based on sliding scale


#DIVEDEEPLIVEWELL : SALT’s Self-Guided Study For a Lifetime

$247.00 ++ / 9-Week Online Course

Please click here to access the #DDLW online course.

We all feel. We all have needs. Let’s talk.

Sometimes it can be intimidating when dipping into self-help or self-growth work because simply there are so many options. Between practitioners, books, videos, courses, groups, conferences, retreats, and more, we can often find ourselves feeling further overwhelmed. This study shares my adopted collection of “best practices” in an attempt to spread clarity, connection (to self and others), and ease in a world that often seems full of confusion, disconnection and dis-ease.

This self-guided study contains some of the most useful treasures that I’ve collected over the years as someone who is a consumer of well-being resources, has a committed practice of using these methods, and is a professional in the field. Save your time and energy seeking supports and try something that I believe works.

The 9 – week topics include:

  • Week  1 – Create Consciousness : Building a More Curious Mindset
  • Week 2 – Document Hooks : Observing Triggers and Pleasantries
  • Week 3 – Recognize Trends : Connecting the Dots
  • Week 4 – Practice Self-Help Reparenting : Tending to the Inner Child
  • Week 5 – Move Energy : Irrigating the Body
  • Week 6 – Integrate Insights : Expanding Compassion
  • Week 7 – Strengthen Awareness : Connecting to and Validating Our Many Parts
  • Week 8 – Embrace Vulnerability : Owning Experiences Courageously
  • Week 9 – Give Appreciation : Saying the Four Things and Sharing Loving Kindness

*SALT practices and resources are not intended to be a replacement or substitution for any psychological or other well-being supports that you may be receiving. 

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