*please note that SALT is not therapy. SALT consults, practices, and resources are not intended to be a replacement or substitution for any other well-being supports that you may be receiving. insurance is not accepted.

#divedeeplivewell : an 8 – week self-guided study of SALT practices for a lifetime

*coming soon

1 digital guide |  4 a lifetime | tbd

sometimes it can be intimidating when dipping into self-help or self-growth work because simply there are so many options. between practitioners, books, videos, courses, groups, conferences, retreats, and more, we can often find ourselves feeling further overwhelmed. this is why i wanted to create a study guide to share my adopted collection of “best practices” in an attempt to spread clarity, connection (to self and others), and ease in a world that often seems full of confusion, disconnection and dis-ease. these are some of the most useful treasures that i’ve collected over my years as a both a consumer of well-being resources and a professional in the field.

the 8 – week topics include:

week  1 : create consciousness – building a more curious mindset

week 2 : observe hooks –  documenting for clarity 

week 3 : recognize trends – connecting the dots

week 4 : practice reparenting – tending to the inner child

week 5 : integrate insights – shifting towards compassion

week 6 : strengthen awareness – gaining ease

week 7 : embrace accountability – owning your part

week 8 : share appreciation – saying the four things


FIN (Feelings Identification & Needs) consults

1 consult |  1 hour | 1 hundred dollars

fin noun : an external membranous process of an aquatic animal (such as a fish) used in propelling or guiding the body. – miriam – webster dictionary

FIN sessions and practices can be described in 3 words as …

here and now

casual over clinical

honest heart connection

new life lens

empathy-building skills

applicable to everyone

normalizing our needs

affordable, accessible, comfortable

my ask is that you come to each FIN consult with something that is currently “alive” in you. together we will first participate in a relaxing technique to center ourselves and shift our focus from the day to the present moment, and then dive right into your current stressor. from here, we will aim to identify why you may be feeling the way you feel based on needs and discuss strategies. each session will end with verbalizing an appreciation. SALT consults are a way to practice a transformative shift in improved relating to self and others. as a fin helps to propel and guide the body of a sea animal ; identifying feelings and needs can help to guide and propel you.

FIN consults are most appropriate for individuals, teenagers and beyond. it is my honor to introduce this practice.

to initiate a FIN consult please e-mail me at debit cards, credit cards, or venmo are accepted, and payment is expected at the start of each session. consults are available virtually (or in-person with those in rhode island and eastern connecticut for an additional mileage fee).

old SALT care consults

1 consult |  1 hour | 1 hundred dollars

old salt informal noun : someone who has sailed for many years. – miriam – webster dictionary

are you a caregiver? are you feeling overwhelmed in this role? are you in need of or open to support as you navigate the uncharted waters of caregiving?

being entrusted to care for an aging family member or friend, and / or someone at end-of-life, is an often stressful and multi-layered responsibility. at the same time, it can often be a highly rewarding, eye -opening, and humbling experience. SALT is here to offer a an empathetic ear, informational supports, and resource suggestions to help make the caregiving and care receiving experience as smooth, and as heart and human-centered, as possible.

it can be said that an “old SALT” is a storyteller of the sea, passing along the history and traits of mariners to next generations. i come to you having hundreds of stories and experiences of working with “old SALTs,” if you will, that i’ve been fortunate enough to assist through my work in end-of-life care. i have worked as a hospice social worker, program developer, and care center liaison for over a decade. further, i have been witness to and involved with the caregiving duties of my own grandparents and my most special, differently-abled aunt who had down syndrome, who was more like my sister. because of these experiences and my focus on quality of life, i have collected some care treasures (non-pharmacological or educational resources) that i am proud to be able to share to help meet the needs of :









and, especially ease.

to initiate an old SALT care consult please e-mail me at debit cards, credit cards, or venmo are accepted, and payment is expected at the start of each session. consults are available virtually (or in-person with those in rhode island and eastern connecticut for an additional mileage fee).

Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT) experiences

*currently on hold

during the VDT experience you will participate in a firsthand simulation of what it may be like to live with dementia. following each experience there is a time to debrief and talk about the feelings and needs that have been produced and how outcomes can translate into more empathetic person-centered caregiving and relating. i have worked with Second Wind Dreams® since 2013 as a facilitator and certified trainer of the Virtual Dementia Tour®, and in 2019 became certified in the family edition. this allows me to expand my offerings of this eye-opening experience in the comforts of your own home. if you would like to experience this (at home, at work, or at a conference) or if you would like to be trained as a VDT facilitator, please e-mail me at to learn more and initiate the booking process.

official vdt provider