change gonna come

change gonna comeotis redding

happy december! we made it – the last month of the decade is here! i don’t know about you, but i am ready for change! i will admit, though, the thought of it has me feeling both excited and anxious about what the roaring 20’s might bring after the rollercoaster of a year i’ve had! i experienced some of my highest highs, and definitely hit my lowest low this summer.

today also marks my sister and brother-in-law’s 7th wedding anniversary! their celebratory plans away in a hotel, however, have turned into a stay at boston children’s hospital with my nephew, who was admitted a few days ago with another bout of pancreatitis. poor ‘lil man! it’s times like this, especially when illness hits so close to home, where i am reminded to appreciate my health, examine priorities, and much more … as the year quickly comes to a close, each day this month i’ll add something that i am grateful for in reflecting on the past year. hop aboard


half of my heartjohn mayer

‘do you want to talk about it?’ no. i need time to think, time to process, and time to heal. i don’t want to rush my words. – topher kearby

he went on to write, “we need more time to heal than we typically allow ourselves. maybe it was a bad bout of depression or an intense loss. life takes its toll and we have to listen to our bodies and souls so we can fully understand what we need to move forward.”

thank you @topherkearby for these fine, relatable, timely words … over the last few weeks i’ve been feeling depleted, withdrawn, and heavyhearted : needing rest, space and peace. i’m glad i gave myself permission to just BE and allowed myself time in order to meet my own needs.

11/11 – the world is (y)ours

man in the mirror (acoustic) | james morrison

image | courtney, kurtis & elyse @ raffa yoga | cranston, ri

a healer is not someone that you go to for healing. a healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself. – unknown

on this day of awakening, 11/11, feeling thankful to breathe deeply, to vulnerability feel, to wildly release, and ultimately heal. all thanks to kurtis lee thomas, aka man from the stars. ✨ learn more by clicking here!