Courtney L. Lamothe, MSW, LCSW
Always a work in progress.

Hi, I’m Courtney, SALT Founder/Owner! I live in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut with my Lhasa Apso, Sir Giorgio. I grew up in a small town with my parents and older sister. Throughout the years, other family members lived with us helping to mold me into who I am today – my most special aunt, who had Down syndrome and lived with my family for 17 years, and my maternal grandfather, who had dementia. I hold a Clinical Social Work License, and am a graduate of Salve Regina University in Newport, RI (BSSW) and Barry University in Miami Shores, FL (MSW).

After closing SALT’s well-being studio  (which focused on mindfulness and compassionate communication) in the winter of 2019, yet still seeking a creative outlet and a way to meet my need for contribution, I decided to refresh this website as a place to continue to share the lessons of SALT. SALT, LLC is ever-evolving, as am I, however the main focus has remained steadfast – Feelings Identification + Needs (FIN) Awareness practices. I look forward to sharing this priceless gift, that was shared with me, with the world.

As a social worker, resources are gold! Throughout this site and in sessions I share some of my favorite resources and suggestions. May they help to cultivate and enhance everyday well-being. 

SALT’s self-guided study #DIVEDEEPLIVEWELL is a resource containing a collection of “best practices” that I believe when done with regularity and repetition will be helpful over the course of a lifetime. It’s great for anyone who is curious with a desire to live from a more grounded, self-aware, regulated, and connected place. The practices can serve as life preservers for the times when we inevitability find ourselves treading rough waters.

My personal greatest treasure along this inward journey has been being mindful of my feelings and needs. I call this practice FIN (Feelings Identification & Needs) Awareness. It is the focus of my own personal growth and professional work. To me, being aware of what we are feeling and needing is the foundation of self-awareness. When we can pinpoint the root reasons for our emotions, actions, and reactions, we can better understand human behavior (our own and that of others), and with understanding can come compassion. And, let’s be real – the world could use some more compassion.

Remember, the deeper we dive into ourselves and our experiences, the more self-aware we become. It is from here that we can better connect with our true self, and others, which can ultimately lead us to a more fulfilling, well-lived life.

You can follow me along on Instagram, @salt.selfawarenessletstalk, where I share parts of my unmapped life. It’s here where I shared education and track my feelings and needs, gaining self-accountability around this transformative practice. Feel free to follow along and tag me in your FIN Awareness posts where you, too, share what’s alive in you. 

Professionally, I have worked in the field of end-of-life care for over 13 years, most notably developing programs that utilize non-pharmacological interventions for hospice recipients. From the winter of 2013 through the  spring of 2021, I was a Virtual Dementia Tour® Facilitator/Certified Trainer with Second Wind Dreams®. I Founded/Owned Pop Nic Co, LLC – Southern New England’s Original Pop Up Picnic, and am the face behind Lamothe Properties, LLC in CT and RI with Real Broker, LLC. 

Personally, I enjoy relaxing by the water or at the spa, flea market hunts, pilates, and spending time with those most important to me.

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