Vote for Love

image | courtney | 11/3/2020

The painting behind me is of my grandmother as a child. It’s a curious thing to imagine all of the good times and the hardship that she lived through, particularly as a woman, through the Great Depression, and how hard she fought to change state and government systems so that her child who was differently-abled (my aunt) could live a better life, in a more kind and inclusive world. I have voted for those same things during what is to date the hardest time of our generation.

Voting is one strategy in an attempt to meet a need(s) – That’s one basic way to look at elections. We are all alike in that we all are trying to meet a need(s), and we sometimes attempt to meet needs with different strategies, like voting differently. Perhaps we can all do something kind for another today, and may we all be reminded to be gentle with ourselves and each another, no matter the outcome.

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