Migraines are Real


Fact : I suffer from migraines. This month has been a challenge. The humidity and changing weather patterns have been my greatest trigger recently. Thankfully, Excedrin Migraine really helps if I take this right when I feel a headache coming on, along with my head wrap and neck massager (aka, my “headgear”).

For the past 10 years I’ve had them and they used to interrupt and consume multiple days each month. However, after instilling my practice of nonviolent communication (aka compassionate communication) about 5 years ago, I noticed a decrease in the frequency of migraine episodes. Although I still get them, seemingly due to hormone and weather-related reasons, I truly credit SALT practices for helping to release some of the stress that my mind, my body, was carrying.

Life is stressful. We hold so much of the stress in our bodies. SALT practices afford an opportunity to release the stress through clarifying, naming, and validating why we feel the way we feel. I believe there is some truth to the sayings,  “Name it to tame it,” and  “Feel. Deal. Heal.” Speaking of HEAL, have you seen the documentary on Netflix? If not, run to your couch!

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