Truth Bomb


Reality – This happens. The more clear we become about our own feelings and needs, the more tolerant (or not) we also become of the people and things around us. As clarity surfaces, we notice more of how we feel in the presence of others. This is great insight!

Sometimes we find our needs are no longer compatible with the people or things around us. Sometimes our needs change, and that’s okay. This doesn’t mean we need to cut off a relationship or abandon anything, or (big one here for me) label others as “bad” or “wrong” – they are simply different. It’s an opportunity to get curious and assess if someone or something is or isn’t in alignment with our values, and where to go from here with as much compassion as possible.

Perhaps remaining in connection is possible despite the differences, but with more open communication, healthy boundaries, and a whole lot of self-love. Or, perhaps it means ending a connection. When these practices become the default lens in which to experience the world, we surely may see the relationships in our lives through a new view. And sometimes, this results in choosing to not all move forward together – an honest reality without judgement.

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