Wounded Children


A few things I believe to be true : We hurt and we heal in relationship (including the relationship with have with ourselves) ; We are often unconsciously and unintentionally wounded by our parents and/or those who raised us ; We have the ability to reparent ourselves if we choose. It took me years to realize that my parents are simply human, JUST LIKE ME. We are ALL imperfect AND we are ALL doing the best we can to meet our needs. When we, as adults, are able to confront our own wounding in an effort to heal ourselves, we are helping to prevent the wounding (again, mostly unconsciously and unintentionally) of children entrusted to our care. What a priceless gift to the next generation! Let’s first start by getting curious, gaining clarity around why we feel and do some of the things we do, and then begin talking to and reassuring that inner child within us … A real find place to start!

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