SALT goals

image | courtney | newport, ri

The intended result of SALT practices is greater quality of life. SALT believes this can be achieved through the repeated practice of identifying feelings and human needs – needs that are both met and unmet – in order to cope with and direct life. From here we can sit compassionately with our unmet needs, explore the many ways in which these needs can be met on our own, or consider ways to solicit outside help. This practice teaches us to steer away from past patterns that have led us to repeatedly feel “unwell” due to our needs not being met. And, it allows us to open up to more ways to feel “well” by choosing with clarity what needs we have, and how to continue meeting them. Appreciation and joy tend to grow from this place leading to greater well-being and fulfillment. When SALT practices are done with perseverance, patience and repetition, it can lead to transformation, resulting in more clarity, ease, connection, and joy.

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