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search and save “self-awareness, let’s talk” on pinterest! 📌 i recently took a webinar on pinterest for influencers as i begin to expand SALT’s offerings and exposure, and during the course i had an ah-ha moment! pinterest is not just an inspiration board, it is actually a search engine similar to that of google! do you think of pinterest as a search engine or a place to be inspired in a variety of life areas?

so many people, myself included, are looking for ways to feel “better.” and on the internet, truly, the world is our oyster when looking for whatever “better” may be for each of us.

for me, the practices of nonviolent communication have improved the quality of my life. i feel excited thinking about the masses of people, all those lives that can be exposed to practices of self-care through the means of intentional feelings and needs identification, through a platform like pinterest. curious people wade through pinterest to find solutions and enhancements to their life ; SALT complements a curious mind and helps provides desirable outcomes. please take a moment to check out the page, create a new SALT board, and click save!

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