Happy 2nd SALT


today i received the above notification from wordpress. wow! two years ago today i created this name – self-awareness, let’s talk, aka SALT, and in the wee hours of the morning started this blog. the first thought that comes to mind is that titanic meme going around, “it’s been 84 years…” ha! i’m a bit nostalgic this evening reviewing all that has happened over the last two years. it’s been a wild ride – lots of bumps and bruises in one hand, and some of my greatest laughs and lessons learned in the other. when i look at the current state of the world, all i keep thinking is – the world needs more SALT! sprinkle that $#!% everywhere!

with all of the stress experienced due to the impact of the pandemic, there are actually places to go – inward, let’s meet there! so much is out of our control, therefore focusing on what we do have control of is one way to move through the stress.

more recently, i am experiencing work / financial / living situation changes, all of which impact emotional well-being. the one thing that has been most helpful through this for me has been pausing and identifying how i’m feeling and recognizing what i’m needing, and often logging these on my instagram page for accountability and modeling. once i recognize these two things, i am able to ask myself if i can meet my own need or if i need to seek support. i also can choose where i turn next – what strategy can best help me meet my need? there are many strategies to help meet one need. one option may be to “mother” myself. what would i be saying to little courtney? what comfort can i bring her? this is highly powerful self-care and self-awareness. what are some other options to help meet needs? i can choose to journal, a tool that i have found to be helpful. i can choose to just be. to be curious, to be present, to be reflective, to be okay with not acting on or controlling anything, and see where the universe and my gut guides me. i am currently in this courageous place.

when we look outside of ourselves and at the world around us, it’s easy to get flooded with feelings. with the turbulent political climate and the disturbing treatment and deaths fueled by racism, there are places to go together – towards compassion, respect, and accountability. mindfulness and non-violent communication can help during these times. i keep trying to remain in a curious place asking what is the need that is trying to be met on every angle. again, for me it’s the only lens i’ve learned to look at life from in order to lift hardening of my heart.

for the heart-wrenching george floyd case it’s obvious that one basic and vital need was for air. it’s hard to want to consider what the needs were of the cops involved, in particular the officer kneeling on him and killing him, but from SALT’s perspective, their actions /strategies were trying to meet a need. i am certain, however, that there could have been other ways / strategies to meet his need(s) without doing what he inhumanly did. and now, for those of us who recognize this case as a major malfunction in morality and humanity, what do we need? for some, there is a need for self-expression (for example, one strategy :  protests) ; for many the need for equality (one strategy : calling for punishment and consequences for the involved police) ; for others the need for contribution (one strategy : donating to groups to help related causes) ; and for most all of us, the need for understanding of the harsh obvious reality that racism still exists (one strategy : learning more about racism) the list could go on and on. and, undeniably, there is a need for mourning (one strategy : crying) for all of the loss and grief we see and feel around us.

i feel blessed that SALT came into my life. i am excited about whatever the future holds – for this creative and supportive space, for me, for you, and the larger collective. i am humbled to be able to share parts of me with you in these short posts and small squares on the gram. vulnerability is never easy, but i believe it’s the only way to drive connection. shame is a constant battle, but it’s a teacher of the bully within and a leader in helping us to lean towards compassion – of self and others. thank you for the ways you embrace SALT as we work towards raised consciousness. in times like these, it’s a task that requires grit and consistency, and i am glad to be here alongside you. namaste – the light in me sees and honors the light in you. cheers to a new year of courage, curiosity, consciousness, and connection!

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