a model of vulnerability & adversity

i’d like to share a book, live with honor – turning tragedy into triumph, written by a friend of mine, michael. we met last fall after he found SALT online, and shortly thereafter we realized that throughout our lives we have literally lived basically arms-width apart from each other. it’s funny how life works sometimes! he self-published a book about a year ago with the hopes of honoring his friend, rich ; sharing about adversity and forgiveness ; and hopefully preventing future tragedies by telling his story. i think it’s timely to share about it.

right now so many are experiencing hard times. although everyone’s experiences may not be exactly like michael’s (remember, let’s try to be mindful and avoid comparing traumas), there is still an opportunity to gain some inspiration from him to help move through struggles of despair, heartache, or loss and towards healing. below is the review i recently left on amazon.

Image 5-21-20 at 7.55 PM
image | courtney & michael | providence, ri | october 2019

live with honor shares a raw glimpse into mike panus’ life – a life that has been marked by both devastation and determination. the message that he shares both in this book and in his speaking engagements is one about adversity – something that we can all learn from. his ability to own his faults, to communicate honestly, and to consciously and mercifully make the best out of life leaves us with opportunities to personally reflect and consider empathy amidst tragedy.

the book is captivating! i read it all in one night, and it left me highly moved – with tears, smiles, and much admiration for a young man who is seemingly just like the rest of them. only mike has a much deeper story beneath his handsome smile – an inner depth that i’ve been fortunate to enough to personally know. i believe this story has many more chapters to go! thank you for being a model of vulnerability, mike, it’s something the world needs more of and for honorably sharing your story.

live with honor lends itself as a great gift; as required reading for any teen, young adult, or military personnel; and also as a powerful prerequisite for anyone set to take a driving test. #lifeisagift #livewithhonor #mikepanus

image | live with honor – turning tragedy into triumph | mike panus | book cover 

it’s also timely to mention that michael is 4th generation military, and an honorably discharged marine. therefore, as we go into memorial day weekend i’d like to thank all veterans, including mike and his father, for their service to our country.

to learn more about mike or to schedule a future speaking engagement or zoom presentation please visit his website. to purchase live with honor please click here. you can also watch a local news clip of him being interviewed about his book.

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