Morning Motivation + Movement

In February of 2016 I was introduced to The Class by Taryn Toomey, and I’ve been hooked and girl crushing since!

I was headed to the Dominican and on the flight happened to be a group of stylish, spirited girls. I learned they were going on a retreat. I simply observed them and became intrigued, wondering who they were and what exactly they were doing on their retreat. Upon my return home I did a little digging and learned a bit more about this celeb-endorsed “The Class.”

I was (and still am) initially drawn to The Class because I sometimes feel a fire burning within and was seeking to find a way to get it out. I remember at times telling my therapist, “I feel like I need to scream.” Well, my answer was in The Class. There are opportunities to yell, to purge and clear, to safely extinguish that inner fire. What relief!

In 2018 I took a trip to NYC to attend a Thom Bond workshop at NYCNVC, and the next morning visited the Tribeca studio and experienced The Class led by Taryn herself. It was amazing! Her space, her style, her spirit – all of it spoke to me.

A few months ago my soul sister, Makayla, attended a class as part of the Philly tour and learned that The Class was soon going to be offered digitally! For my birthday I paid the $40/monthly fee (or $400/year) to give it a try, where I now have access to  live-streamed classes daily right from the comforts of my home. How exciting!


I started my 37th year at 7:15 am participating  in the hour-long practice of what I like to call “emotional exercise.” It’s similar to SALT, in that it is somewhat hard to describe, and better experienced. I highly recommend it!

I can guarantee that – You will move. You will dance. You will love the music. You will be inspired. You will want to stop. You will be sore after. AND, you may cry. You may yell. You may improvise. You may have interesting thoughts. You may laugh. And with each class, you may heal a little bit more … I have not experienced anything like it.

Here are some pics from my 1st digital class to give you an idea of what you may be doing during it! All levels welcome and you only need a mat!  Keep in mind there is a FREE 14-day trial. #divedeeplivewell

image | courtney 

every next level of your life will demand a different version of you. – unknown






I can’t wait to do it again this morning! And, remember, I am SO not a morning person, so this is really something! Hand on heart … Thank you, Taryn. Thank you, body. Thank you.

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