SALT Consults

sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction. – unknown

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In honor of my birthday and the gifts that I’ve received through SALT practices, I’d like to share the gift of SALT sessions – virtually.

Sessions and practices can be described in 3 words as …

here and now

casual over clinical

honest heart connection

compassionate life lens

empathy-building skill

applicable to everyone

normalizing our needs

affordable, accessible, comfortable

My ask is that you come to each session with something that is currently “alive” in you. Together we will first participate in a relaxing technique to center ourselves and shift our focus from the day to the present moment, and then dive right into your current stressor. From here, we will aim to identify why you may be feeling the way you feel based on needs and discuss strategies. Each session will end with verbalizing an appreciation. SALT consults are a way to practice a transformative shift in improved relating to self and others. Like a fin helps to propel and guide the body of a sea animal ; identifying feelings and needs can help to guide you and propel your life.

To initiate a session please visit the “Offerings” page or “Let’s Talk” page. PayPal or Venmo are accepted, and payment is expected before or at the start of each session.

*SALT consults, practices, and resources are not intended to be a substitution for any other well-being supports that you may be receiving. 

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