rcb memories

image | courtney | matunuck, ri

in college my parents bought a beach cottage at roy carpenters beach in matunuck, ri. they bought the cottage from the owners of the wheelhouse tavern in galilee, and joked that as part of the deal my sister and i were getting jobs – and in fact we did! mel worked the take-out window downstairs and i waitressed upstairs (my cocktailing days at the viking hotel in newport came in handy). our days were spent overlooking the fishing boats and watching the point judith block island ferry come and go – not too shabby!

my dad bought us an old (vintage i’ll say today) white vw cabriolet convertible (“the egg”) to cruise around in. mel and i lived together for two years during college in downtown newport (mel got her masters in holistic counseling while i finished my undergrad degree at salve), and also at the cottage during summer breaks. it was quite the time of our lives – we both dated salve hockey captains and made lots of memories all together (and needless to say, there are scars to prove it)! nights at the ocean mist, mew’s, and dancing at the rcb block parties were our favorite!

one of the perks of living there was that our neighbor was the one & only john cafferty of the beaver brown band and eddie and the cruisers! i ended up babysitting for their two adorable boys, spending every friday at their house. john and his beautiful wife are the kindest souls. it was a dream job and they were so good to me! over the years since, i try to go see him occasionally when he plays at local venues. my favorite song is tender years … tunes! 🖤🎷💦

image| courtney | east greenwich, ri

and on that note, i am excited to share this that he’s playing at the odeum theatre on main street in east greenwich, ri on saturday, march 14th at 8:00pm (doors open at 7)! UPDATE : SHOW POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 5th DUE TO CORONAVIRUS!!! check out this local star! and then i highly suggest going for a night cap at a fav of mine, huck’s filling station!

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