the exercise

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in the last post i shared a brief introduction to SALT practices – the hybrid method of mindfulness and nonviolent communication (NVC) for improved well-being. in this post, i’ll share with you one of the most helpful treasures i’ve found to date – “the exercise” by thom bond, a thought leader, author, activist, and founder of nycnvc.

before you get started with “the exercise,” i encourage you to participate in this 1-minute breathing practice. simply inhale as the shapes in the video contract and exhale as the shapes expand. we so often get caught up in our daily tasks that we forget to pause, breathe, and center ourselves in order to think more clearly. a short mindfulness practice like this can help with shifting focus!

hopefully you are feeling a bit more relaxed, and are ready to try something new! please allow yourself adequate time to complete all of the guided steps – about 20-30 minutes, especially for the first time.

you can return to this practice as often as you would like, as many times as needed, for always … eventually, after much practice, you will probably be able to do this from your mind’s eye without paper. also over time you may notice this process becomes your go-to automatic response when trying to understand situations. this will be proof that new neural pathways have formed and that you are shifting towards compassion!

click here to start “the exercise.”

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