a salty hello & a happy new year

image | courtney | dominican republic 

hello ocean, my old friend

i’m learning i’m more and more like you again.
we have our high tides, we have our lows
those vulnerable depths where broken beauty grows.
you have warm breezes, and i take deep breaths
both somehow cleanse my mind
until there’s no worries left.
we have our waves, some are gentle, some are rough
they’re baby steps each day that vanish and say good luck.
you have your depths, i have thoughts only i know
few people will dive deep to understand those lows.
we have our surface, we have our currents
those impossible parts of us that make little sense.
you splash, i crash, we have riptides and storms
then wake up to sunlit glassy mornings,
our favorite art form.
you have your saltwater, and i do too
maybe that’s why it’s such a relief to always cry with you.
so if i come back frequently,
to hold my breath and dive in,
just please continue to wrap me in your salty, loving,
i totally understand you arms
– time and time again. 

hello ocean, rebekah steen

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