the end

if trauma and pain can echo through generations, then so can love. if abandonment can ripple across time, then so can presence. – noah, the affair, s 5, e 11

one of my favorite places to go with my family on our boat during the summer, especially as a teen, was montauk, ny. most all labor day weekends were spent at the montauk yacht club, which is now gurney’s star island resort & marina. when i was first introduced to showtime’s the affair earlier this year, which is mainly rooted around montauk, memories flooded in! today i finally finished the series, and i am reminded of the beauty of nostalgia – of places and of people. in the end, (get it? montauk is often referred to as “the end” due to it’s geographical location being the easternmost point of long island and new york state), the 5 season, 53 episode series is a full-circle story of fleeting and finding love, family, and forgiveness. check it out! #bingeworthy

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