The End

if trauma and pain can echo through generations, then so can love. if abandonment can ripple across time, then so can presence. – noah, the affair, s 5, e 11

One of my favorite places to go with my family on our boat during the summer, especially as a teen, was Montauk, NY. Most all Labor Day weekends were spent at the Montauk Yacht Club, which is now Gurney’s Star Island Resort & Marina. When I was first introduced to showtime’s The Affair earlier this year, which is mainly rooted around Montauk, memories flooded in!

Today I finally finished the series, and I am reminded of the beauty of nostalgia – of places and of people. It offers a neat opportunity to practice guessing character feelings/needs. Is this only a thing a social worker might do – HA!

In the end, (Get it? Montauk is often referred to as “The End” due to it’s geographical location being the easternmost point of Long Island and New York state), the 5 season, 53 episode series is a full-circle story of fleeting and finding love, family, and forgiveness. Check it out! #bingeworthy

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