change gonna come

happy december! we made it – the last month of the decade is here! i don’t know about you, but i am ready for change! i will admit, though, the thought of it has me feeling both excited and anxious about what the roaring 20’s might bring after the rollercoaster of a year i’ve had! i experienced some of my highest highs, and definitely hit my lowest low this summer.

today also marks my sister and brother-in-law’s 7th wedding anniversary! their celebratory plans at a hotel, however, have turned into a stay at boston children’s hospital with my nephew, gavin, who was admitted a few days ago with another bout of pancreatitis. poor ‘lil man! it’s times like this, especially when illness hits so close to home, where i am reminded to appreciate my health, examine priorities, and much more … as the year quickly comes to a close, each day this month i’ll add something that i am grateful for in reflecting on the past year. hop aboard

*update on gavin – he’s home and feeling much better, especially after some special time with this guy! #gingerbreadmen #gavandgronk #makingspiritsbright

image | rob gronkowski – gronk facebook page
image |courtesy of mel

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